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6 String Chocolate-heart Mango Tenor Ukulele

MANGO SIX-STRING TENOR;  The six string uke has two sets of paired strings. In both cases, the notes are an octave apart. (One finger covers both strings of the pair at the same time, like a mandolin) The fuller sound is literal: The difference between hearing one hand play a chord on the piano, and two hands playing a chord on the piano: Twice as many notes. I like to make 6-string ukes because they reliably go right out the door!. They are not well known, so it is rare to get to see and play one. When you do, you find they're so fun to play, and play with. There are lots of mind-bending chord inversions to explore.      This is the classic Ho'okipa six stringf:I use chocolate heart mango to make them even more of a stand-out. The dark chocolate line is only found in some spalted mango. It is set-off nicely by pheasant wood binding and wenge fretboard and bridge.      $999

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