Hawaiian Hardwoods Direct


Our goal is to locate and market the very finest, most beautifully figured music wood we can find. My background as a sawmill owner/operator on the Big Island benefits you, as I know wood and have personally handpicked every board in my music-wood inventory. We sell acoustic and electric stringed instrument "sets", the back and sides for guitars, ukuleles and occasionally other instruments. If you are not a luthier but enjoy making fine fountain pens, pool cues, or other small projects, we market the beautiful "trimmings" of our music wood as well.

Expect to find the finest curly koa guitar and ukulele sets available today here in our store. While koa has been highly regarded and sought after by guitar and ukulele makers for a long time, we are happy to be marketing music grade mango to customers who may have been unfamiliar with this wood, that of the mango fruit tree, as well. Mango is as different from koa as night and day, but is fast gaining in popularity. It is amazingly diverse in grain and curl patterns, is characteristically honey-gold in color with darker bands, and is always very lively. Our own use of it for ukuleles convinced us that it is a beautiful tone wood. Take a look at our mango sets! 

January of 2005 we relocated from the Big Island of Hawaii to north central Oregon near the confluence of the Deschutes and the Columbia Rivers. The climate here will facilitate curing our wood. The intense constant humidity of Hilo made it difficult to cure wood to optimal humidity for instruments. Our new mainland location will make shipping much more affordable for most of our customers as well.

The most recent improvement to our business has been to create a new cyber store to make your browsing and purchasing more enjoyable, informative, and easy. Now you can browse through the sets we have advertised and read a detailed description, view a high quality photograph of the exact set you are interested in, proceed to check-out, order and pay for your purchase, all in a few minutes. No more late night nail-biters waiting for e-bay auctions to close!

We're still a small, family owned and operated business. I'm out in the shop handling wood every day, or on the computer taking care of that end of the business. Although I look forward to the streamlining affect we anticipate with our new store, I enjoy personal contact with my customers. So don't be a stranger: e-mail me with any questions you might have or suggestions for improving our site. Your satisfaction is our highest priority.

Now, "kanikapila!!" (Play some music!!)