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5A Koa Weissenborn Guitar From Australia

Hi Steve
I hope everything is going well with you, particularly through these bizarre times. I just thought I'd drop you a line to share my latest creation from the set of 5A Koa I picked up from you last year. Attached a handful of photos.
This was my 250th guitar so I wanted to do something special. At this point I've built enough guitars that I'm seldom surprised, but both tonally and visually this Koa has me truly stunned.
You're of course welcome to share these on your website etc. -- just attribute/link to Richard Wilson Guitars / www.rwguitars.com.

John Williamson Koa Tenor


From John:

"I built this tenor for my sister who lives in WA near the canadian border.
On the fret board is a silhouette of Mt. Baker, sort of an iconic image in
that area. This is #6, made from a set of Koa I purchased from you recently."